Future Healthcare

Virtual is the new reality

Managing patients’ expectations is key to private practice and as people get more tech-savvy they expect more. Grant Brookes shows how digital transformation can help.

Digital transformation may seem like another buzzword from the marketing world, but it is something that is getting harder for independent practitioners to ignore. 

The term refers to the integration of digital technologies into all areas of business, and in healthcare, it is revolutionising the way things work and, crucially, what patients expect. 

Our healthcare sector landscape is becoming increasingly digitised and any independent practitioner or practice manager wanting to maintain their patient numbers and deliver the best service must respond to this. 

Rapid advances in technology give us a chance to experiment and get creative in what we can offer patients.

They have come to expect at least a basic level of digital literacy from all their service providers, and this includes medical professionals. 

The problems that patients consider the most important are those that practitioners should be working hardest to solve. Below is a look at some key patient problems and their digital solutions: