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Most impressive of its class

‘Doctor on the Road’: Volvo XC40

Our tester Dr Tony Rimmer finds the Volvo XC40 a refreshing alternative to the German brands

As well-educated and respected professionals, most of us – of course – resist the temptation to be ostentatious in our habits. We usually buy things to improve the lives of ourselves and our families that are modest, of good quality and tasteful. 

Our car-buying habits reflect this and if we need a practical family vehicle and don’t require excessive interior space, an unobtrusive medium-sized SUV would seem to fit the bill.

The compact premium SUV market has grown immensely over the last few years and car-makers recognise that we medical professionals are part of the target audience. 

The usual players – BMW, Audi and Mercedes – are well-established brands who have had appropriate models on offer for some years. However, buyers are open to a bit of a change and new entrants to this sector are naturally trying to capture new customers.

Probably the most significant new player is Volvo. With the help of Chinese owner Geely, who has invested huge amounts in product development, its revitalised model range now includes the XC40.