Future Healthcare

Doctors reluctant to look in the mirror

Awareness of mental health issues has significantly increased in recent years and more people are open about their own mental health than ever before. That is, it seems, for everyone but medical professionals. Amie Roadnight reports.

Many lay people forget that doctors and dentists are, in fact, human themselves.

Despite being medically or dentally trained and having a breadth of knowledge on medicine and/or dentistry, this does not prevent medical professionals from experiencing mental health issues and requiring treatment.

There remains a stigma among medical professionals themselves in respect of their own mental health which may prevent them from seeking the help that they provide to other people.

When working in private practice or the NHS, you should be aware of the possibility that a colleague, or even yourself, may experience symptoms of mental illness at some point during your career.

It has been suggested that the heavy workload and long hours of doctors and dentists can impact a medical professional’s mental health, not forgetting the scrutiny of their work by their own regulator and the possible experience of being involved in a clinical negligence claim.