Future Healthcare

Zoom your practice into the 21st century


NHS GPs are being offered the ability to build private patient networks and develop their own private practices through a fast-growing company set up by a doctor. Naimah Callachand tells the story.

Perception of what constitutes effective and quality healthcare has fundamentally altered over the past few decades. 

Technological developments now mean we can bring healthcare to the patient much quicker. 

But while many people may wish to have instant access to healthcare, they also do not want to sacrifice the face-to-face doctor experience for the sake of convenience. 

As a result, doctor-on-demand services have created a whole new understanding of doctors’ visits. Whether via the phone or video, everything is now geared towards immediacy being paramount. 

ZoomDoc has emerged out of this cultural turning point as a provider with a difference; the service is fully committed to bringing back the personal experience to patients. 

Its app is simple and tailored to the experience of each user. A patient can request a phone or video consultation with a doctor of their choice, which can be achieved within 60 seconds.