Volante versus Vantage



Independent Practitioner Today’s motoring correspondent Dr Tony Rimmer becomes ‘Double-O Doc’ for the day as he puts a couple of Aston Martins through their paces.

In the public’s perception, London’s Harley Street enclave is synonymous with high class and successful independent medical practice. 

But in truth, many private clinics and businesses there have, over the years, stumbled and some have failed. But the address still possesses an enviable international kudos and its value to any on-going medical business is incalculable.

In the world of cars, the same could be said about the quintessentially British brand, Aston Martin. Since it was founded in 1913 it has suffered some turbulent financial times, including bankruptcy on a couple of occasions. 

But despite this, the brand is strong and globally renowned. Currently in a stronger position than it has been for some years, it is a company on the move.

The first all-new model for several years appeared in 2016, the DB11 coupe. Now we have the convertible iteration, the stylish DB11 Volante and an all new version of the Vantage, Aston’s most successful model. I have been lucky enough to have driven both models along a few hundred miles of testing Cotswold roads.