Virtual practice

Attracting patients through your website


Boost your patients’ experience! Grant Brookes sets out some effective ways of using technology and your online presence to make this happen.

Each individual patient’s experience is much more than the time they spend in a doctor’s office. Their experience may be strongly influenced by how they feel after their face-to-face appointments. 

But there are many other influencing factors. Everything from the first impressions when they enter your practice to the manner of the person who answers when they call can strongly impact how they feel about your practice. 

Your online presence, website and technological abilities as an individual practitioner or private practice can have a lasting impact on patients and potential patients.

A combination of factors will help a patient decide whether your practice is right for them and not all of it is something practitioners can control. 

However, there are some things you can take advantage of, benefit from and use to help ensure you attract patients who are engaged and interested in their own healthcare and open to your advice and support.