Smooth the path to your door

Pathway for triumph is a path delimited by an illuminated red carpet, red velvet rope  barrier  and golden supports. The footpath starts from an empty space and it arrives to a big white door  with golden trim. Beyond the glorious door there is a white illuminated environment that projects its light  inside the empty space. The room where I took the image consists in a gray pavement and a dark-red wall. In the middle of the wall there is the door that let you achieve the fame and new opportunities. The majestic door is open and it lets in a lot of light. The light and its volume illuminate  the empty room.

Gaining and retaining clients is a key challenge for most independent practitioners and private practices. Stephanie Vaughan-Jones shares three simple steps clinics can take to ensure they are not unnecessarily losing new and existing business opportunities. 

A keynote speaker I heard at a recent conference likened healthcare practices to a bucket.  

A leaky bucket, in fact, with several holes spurting out water. 

These small leaks, she said, represent the ways in which practices could be losing business and money on a daily basis without even realising it. Her analogy struck a chord with most people there. 

In our busy lives, it can be all too easy to assume that the status quo is working ‘OK’; that we know exactly what is happening behind the scenes without regularly taking time to dig that little bit deeper and check our previous findings are still the same.