Future Healthcare

Market reforms

Tracing Our Roots

Where we are today in private healthcare owes much to the development of the NHS. Dr Ellen Welch presents some more of the key milestones down its 70 years.


nhs-march1980 MRI scans are introduced providing detailed information about the soft tissues of the body by using a combination of magnetism and radio-frequency waves.

Laparoscopic surgery is used for the first time to remove a gallbladder.

The Black Report, commisssioned by the Labour Government in 1977, investigates inequalities in health, finding that those in lower socio-economic groups suffer higher rates of mortality.

Access to health services, particularly preventative services, is poor among the working class. It recommends increased spending on community health and primary care, and government intervention with increased child benefits, improved housing and agreeing minimum working conditions with unions. The new Conservative government did not endorse these recommendations due to the scale of expenditure involved.