Ensure callers can always get through

Jane Braithwaite

Jane Braithwaite

TopTips2Answer that call! It can be a big problem for many private practices – but Jane Braithwaite has some excellent advice to help you provide an exceptional service.



Now this is a thorny subject for patients, medical secretaries and consultants alike. 

Sad adult girl in blue sweater waiting for important call

Here’s two common scenarios: ‘The patient says she couldn’t get through’.

‘She was a new patient. That’s like gold dust. We need to answer every call’.

‘I just received a complaint from a GP who couldn’t get through to refer a patient’.

How do we answer every call? Is that even possible? How many calls are being answered at your practice today? 50%? 90%? Can you measure this?

This month, we are going to discuss how to ensure we offer an exceptional quality of service when it comes to answering patients calls.