Future Healthcare

HCA offers latest in radiotherapy

By Olive Carterton

HCA’s The Wellington Hospital is the first London centre to install the Icon Gamma Knife and offer fractionated treatments via mask immobilisation to treat private and NHS patients.


Gamma Knife control room at Wellington Hospital

The machine, seen as the most innovative and accurate brain and skull radiation therapy, treats patients with brain tumours, vascular and functional disorders.

HCA said the technology will provide more tailored and accurate treatment plans, meaning patients did not have to stay overnight, and shorter recovery times.

Patients can opt to use a custom face mask, as opposed to the traditional headframe used with previous Gamma Knife systems, which can cause discomfort.

Mr Ian Sabin, consultant neurosurgeon and medical director of The London Gamma Knife Centre said: ‘This new technology means we can offer patients the most accurate and precise radiosurgery completely tailored to them and their condition. Treatment times will be quicker, which means I will be able to treat more people within a day, and patients will be able to go back to their daily activities almost immediately after.’

The Wellington Hospital chief executive John Reay said: ‘We provide our consultants and clinicians with the most cutting-edge technology and equipment to provide patients with the very best care, and the acquisition of the Gamma Knife Icon furthers this promise and offering.’

The development is in partnership with Barts Health NHS Trust.