Be ‘time smart’ in the way you work


The most successful independent practitioners ‘work smart’ and have been able to steal back time so they can focus more on patients and developing their practice. Kingsley Hollis suggests five areas for suitable treatment.

Time is a precious resource in medicine and most doctors quickly become adept at managing their clinical workload and prioritising tasks according to patient need.

Understandably, doctors see starting their own practice as an opportunity to spend longer with their patients, so it can be a shock to discover how much time is taken up by day-to-day administrative and business tasks.

Time-consuming tasks

On top of managing the caseload generated by each patient, independent practitioners need to oversee their appointments diary, be their own marketing, human resources and IT director, and stay on top of their finances.

In my experience, every practice has time-consuming tasks that could be managed more effectively, often by making better use of technology.

Here are five of the most common administrative ‘bottlenecks’ to address: