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‘Doctor on the Road’: VW Up!


If you are looking for a new small car that is great around town but practical and fun, then this VW ticks all the boxes and provides the perfect antidote to the hard work of running a busy medical practice, says Dr Tony Rimmer.

Sometimes, returning to basics can have the greatest benefit to ongoing advancement.

Working as independent practitioners, revisiting the essential elements of good clinical practice can boost professional and client satisfaction.

When systems and practices have worked well in the past, it is worth examining the reasons behind those successes to try and replicate them.

In the world of cars, manufacturers are constantly studying all elements of their best-selling vehicles to see if they can replicate the positive attributes in newer models. A good example is the success, over the years, of the hot hatchback.

Hot hatches

All of us who enjoy cars that give us a bit more satisfaction than just simply travelling in an anodyne manner from A to B, will have a soft spot for hot hatches.

vw-up-engineVolkswagen, the company that gave us the market’s first GTI model in 1975, have most recently turned their attention to their little city car, the Up!