Take gripes seriously

Sally Taber

Sally Taber

A shocking 80% of complaints in the private healthcare sector are about bad handling of patient concerns, we revealed last month. Sally Taber, of the Independent Healthcare Sector Complaints Adjudication Service (ISCAS), discusses improving systems and processes to support good handling of complaints.

Good complaints management is an integral part of good governance and quality management, as I wrote in my September 2017 Independent Practitioner Today article ‘Getting to Grips with Complaints’.

I remarked that if patients have concerns, we must listen to them and find a way to satisfy them if that is possible.


Our report last month revealed the extent of complaints mishandling

In doing this, we get to see ourselves as patients see us, and that is sometimes very enlightening.

And it is not easy to do that if it is your own work or your hospital or clinic that is being criticised.

A level head and cool approach is needed if a patient’s concerns are to be addressed empathetically and we are to gain valuable lessons to apply to the future care we give.

The tried-and-tested ISCAS Complaints Code of Practice is the helpful tool of choice used by 95% of independent healthcare providers to evaluate complaints and to draw out the learning points they may contain.