A-Z of getting the money in

Invoicing and collecting the money pose huge problems for many doctors building their practices and they are often owed many thousands of pounds before they ask for help. Findlay Fyfe presents an A-Z of billing to guide you to success.

building-block-houselego-greenA is for audit trail. Do you have a clear policy for communication and interaction with payment companies and patients to ensure you are tackling your practices invoices efficiently?

lego-blueB is for benchmark. When taking on a new practice  –and typically yearly thereafter – our experts at Medical Billing and Collection (MBC) will carry out a benchmark on the practice professional fees to show where there may be scope for review.

lego-orangeC is for the Clinical Coding and Schedule Develop­ment group (CCSD). Make sure your practice is up to date with new codes, unbundling and charging changes to codes.

These are updated monthly. Failure to keep this updated could run the risk of your practice being deregistered by many private medical insurers.