Future Healthcare

What to do when you are new to the game

Starting out in private practice can be daunting, but for those prepared to put in the time in advance, it will result in a smoother ride to building that successful business.

Every practice has its nuances and the all-important work-life balance will play a big part, but considering the areas discussed here should get you off to a flying start. Ian Tongue shows the way.

newly-appointed-consultant Secretarial support

Without doubt, a secretary can make or break a private practice, so choose wisely.

If you are happy with your NHS secretary, then why not see if they are interested in helping; many do. It is important that you define roles with regards to secretarial support and understand if they can produce the necessary account­­ing function for billing and, importantly, chasing debts.

It is common for secretaries to perform work for several private practices and use practice management software, which can bring significant benefits to a practice.