Merits of sharing both NHS and private data


Mirroring data across NHS and private practice by the Private Healthcare Inform­ation Network is hugely significant for consultants. Mr Ken Anson argues this is the future, so specialists must engage with it


Mr Ken Anson, Reader in urology at St George’s Hospital, London, and member of London Urology Associates

When I first saw my NHS data alongside my private practice data, I almost fell off my chair – I was stunned.

It has become apparent, very quickly, that transparency is happening in private healthcare, and the Private Healthcare Inform­ation Network (PHIN) is driving this forward following the Comp­etition and Markets Auth­ority (CMA) ruling.

Also, it came as huge surprise to me that PHIN is able to align its private outcome data with large volumes of NHS data as well.

As a result, data quality standards within both healthcare systems are being aligned at the consultant level, allowing individual practitioners visibility of their whole practice on one digital platform for the first time.