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Do doctors trust their regulators?

Possible legal and regulatory developments following the ‘Bawa-Garba’ case are examined by Gregory Smith.

The facade of the Royal Courts of Justice in London, England showing the coat of arms of the courts and architectural details

Most Independent Practitioner Today readers will be familiar with the case of Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba, the junior doctor who recently successfully appealed a decision by the GMC to strike her off the Medical Register following an earlier conviction for gross negligence manslaughter.

Some may even have contributed to Dr Bawa-Garba’s defence fund, which reached approximately £366,000.

Others may have refused to pay their GMC subscriptions or rep­orted themselves for minor clinical errors in direct protest, and others may have started to anonymise their reflections as a defensive measure.

In short, the response from practitioners was unprecedented.

Touched a nerve

Her circumstances have clearly touched a collective nerve among doctors and thrown a focus on the legal and regulatory frameworks.