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‘Doctor on the Road’: Nissan Micra


The Micra is a small car with a big car feel and with a new lease of life it is one of the most improved cars around, finds our motoring corres­pondent Dr Tony Rimmer.

When things are going well at your private medical practice, time can pass with an almost imperceptible swiftness.

Months and even years can go by in status quo before it becomes apparent that serious changes need to occur.

All-New Nissan Micra - Energy Orange

A fall-off of client base, staff changes or the deterioration of practice premises may be what it takes to shake us out of a complacency that our competitors may be taking advantage of. Big transformations need to take place.

This is what happened to Nissan and their supermini, the Micra.  Since the original car’s launch in 1982, it had always been a favourite with first-time drivers and the elderly alike.