Do they know your terms?

With the requirement for greater fees trans­parency and recent General Data Protection Regulation, many private doctors would do well to review their terms, warns Findlay Fyfe.

doctor talking to female patient and showing blood test on clipbIt is a good time to consider your fees right now – and here is why.

As we know, the Private Health­care Information Network (PHIN) is due to publish data on its consumer-based website from early 2019.

This will enable patients to have more information to decide who treats them and where the treatment takes place.

And this all ties in with the requirement on consultants to make patients aware of their fees in advance of treatment.

With this now on the horizon, we at Medical Billing and Collec­tion (MBC) are recommending getting ahead of the curve and thinking about this now while there is time to deal with it in an unhurried way.