Brain clinic grows its trials services

By Leslie Berry

Pioneering brain and mind clinic Re:Cognition Health has expanded its international clinical trials services for Alzheimer’s disease and other related cognitive conditions into the US.

The new centre in Fairfax, Virginia, will provide access to the best healthcare and treatment options for people living with, or at risk of developing, Alzheimer’s disease and other causes of memory impairment leading to dementia.

Re:Cognition Health was encouraged to open in the US due to the success of its UK operation where the clinic is recognised as a leading centre for recruiting patients onto clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease.

The company is a leading centre for international final phase clinical trials, changing the future for those with memory loss and other symptoms of cognitive impairment.


Dr Emer MacSweeney

Chief executive and medical director Dr Emer MacSweeney said: ‘We are delighted to be expanding our Re:Cognition Health centres into the US, giving the opportunity for more people to gain access to the most advanced treatments available, worldwide. We look forward to offering patients the very best care and access to new emerging treatments.’

Dr James Bicksel, who will lead the clinical trial team, said opening a new clinic for clinical studies for Alzheimer’s disease was a very positive step for the future in fighting this disease.

‘Our patients will have the opportunity to be involved in clinical trials of the next generation of emerging medications while receiving outstanding medical care by a team of cognitive experts.

‘We are very much looking forward to making a difference to the lives of people in Virginia and Washington DC.’

Re:Cognition Health is a member of the Global Alzheimer Platform (GAP) Foundation, which is establishing a standing world-wide  trial-ready platform to drive quality, efficiency and innovation in clinical trials, seeking to reduce clinical testing cycle times by two years or more and to achieve greater uniformity in trial populations.

It is doing that by building large, well-characterised trial-ready cohorts, a network of certified high-performance clinical trial sites and an adaptive proof-of-concept trial mechanism.

The company specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and care of people showing symptoms of cognitive impairment or mental health concerns.

UK clinical services include traumatic brain injury, neurology, children’s neurological conditions and learning disabilites, Alzheimer’s, other cases of dementia, and mental health conditions.

The Re:Cognition Health Clinics UK centres in London, Essex, Surrey, Birmingham and Plymouth are also major centres for international trials of disease-modifying and new symptomatic drugs for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological conditions.

Plans are underway for continued national and international expansion.