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Keeping up to date has been clarified

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Mr Ian Mackay

Doctors now have new GMC guidance on supporting information for appraisal. Mr Ian Mackay, Responsible Officer for the Independent Doctors Federation, runs through what you need to know.

Following Sir Keith Pearson’s report Taking Revalidation Forward, published at the beginning of last year, the GMC set up a Revalid­ation Oversight Group (ROG) to replace the Revalidation Advisory Board.

ROG was tasked with tackling the issues raised by Sir Keith’s report and is due to be completed by September. Part of its work involved reviewing the GMC’s guidance on supporting information for appraisal and revalidation.

Although there have been no changes to information type or frequency, the overarching principles have been stated more explicitly: quality not quantity, focus on reflection and learning, and whole scope of practice.

Clarification on requirements for revalidation

How does the new clarification fit with the guidance doctors may receive in the relevant specialties or in the workplace?