Are they happy with the care?

How the measurement of outcomes is transforming private practice and how this affects your work as independent practitioners.

Dr Tim Williams, founder and chief executive of, answers questions posed by Independent Practitioner Today.

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Why should we collect patient-reported outcomes?

Traditional measures of healthcare quality focus on the processes of care, such as waiting times and length of stay, or the success of hospitals in avoiding unintended harm. These factors clearly need to be measured and managed, but they don’t attest to the actual results of care from the perspective of the people that really matter: our patients.

‘Outcomes’, as defined by the International Consortium of Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM), are: ‘the results people care about most when seeking treatment, including functional improvement and the ability to live normal, productive lives’.

Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) are structured condition-specific clinical assessments and are a key tool in measuring and tracking outcomes.