It’s difficult to refer


GPs are not blocking patients’ access to private care. It is more a case of consultants proving difficult to reach, argues Harley Street GP Dr Alix Daniel.

Alix Daniel

Dr Alix Daniel

I read with interest the article from Fiona Booth, chief executive of the Association of Independent Healthcare Organisations (AIHO) ‘GPs “block access to private care”’ in last November’s issue of Independent Practitioner Today.

She reported the dissatisfaction at barriers to real patient choice, arguing that this was not related only to misguided disloyalty from GPs to the NHS, but also due to the lack of right facts, figures and scripts from consultants.

As a private GP, I agree with the facts and reasons put forward by Fiona. However, there is a more complex picture around GP referrals.

Rag of Dec17-Jan18

Fiona Booth’s views were made at the Private Acute Healthcare Conference organised by LaingBuisson

Who are these GPs barring private care access? Are they the ones who do not refer in time for cancer treatment, or do not read consultant reports?