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Plan to boost PPUs

Now is a great time to connect local best practice and national leadership together to re-energise and invest in the Private Patient Unit sector – and snatch the £1bn-a-year opportunity these units are for the NHS.

Philip Housden explains more in the second of a series of articles for Independent Practitioner Today.

IPDEC17.p24-25-26-27new.inddMy review of the 2016-17 annual accounts for out of London NHS trusts last month in this journal showed the massive opportunity that should not be ignored. The NHS PPU sector needs stimulatation!

Optimising the use of present PPU capacity and services, and targeted investment in expansion, could make a serious dent in that £1bn.

New PPUs can and should mean new extra capacity – not the re-badging of NHS capacity – more beds to enable more patients to be treated and more intensive use to be made of the expensive estate and infrastructure that trust’s already have.

So, what needs to be done?