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Ditch the doomsayers

Panoramic view of london skyline from the Tower Bridge.

Bad news hitting the headlines? Simon Bruce on why a well-structured portfolio allows you to ignore the doom and gloom when investing.

Gaining perspective is sometimes not that easy. Modern life provides us – some would say swamps us – with so much news, information and punditry, which focuses on the here and now, that it is easy to be overwhelmed.

The list of things to concern us is long and worrisome:

  • Donald Trump leading the free world;
  • A nuclear-armed North Korea;
  • An increasingly fractious Brexit process and looming cliff edge.

If we do not worry for ourselves, we do so on behalf of our children and their children in turn. That is only natural, but it can feel a little unsettling at times.

The natural extension of this is to worry about what the impact of all this doom, gloom and uncertainty will have on your portfolio and, in turn, on your future wealth and expenditure goals.