Free summary report into the UK self-pay private patient market

In-depth analysis of the growing self-pay market for elective surgery in the UK is being conducted by Intuition Communication, publishers of Private Healthcare UK.

The research will highlight the factors behind the growth of the self-pay market for elective surgery, examine the offerings of the major healthcare providers, and includes an in-depth analysis of pricing in the self-pay market.

Intuition is seeking assistance from consultants, private hospitals, and clinics in completing this research by providing your views on this aspect of private healthcare.

It said it would provide participants in return with a summary of the key findings of the latest research for free.

The questions relate solely to the self-pay (non-insured) market for elective surgery, and exclude cosmetic surgery patients.

Complete the online survey for the Private Healthcare UK Self-Pay Market Study 2017 by 10 July 2017 and receive a free copy of the summary report.

Hand pointing redThe survey: