A new age of consent

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Mr Paul Lee

After reading Independent Practitioner Today’s article entitled ‘So, did you know the law has changed?’ on the Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board case and its impact, Mr Paul Y. F. Lee wrote in to tell us about an innovative project he is involved with.

Doctors launched the Consent Plus initiative to improve the consent process and encourage better dialogue between patients and doctors.

ConsentPLUS team

A surgical team from the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend has been awarded £75,000 by the Independent Health Foundation to make an animated film to help patients decide if they want to go ahead with knee and hip ops

Currently, Consent Plus is in use for hip and knee arthroplasty and has received great feedback from patients and healthcare professionals.

The free service at www.consent­plus.com, now in version 3,  has been used by over 500 patients and can be used by anyone that wants to learn about surgery.