Lawyer tells how to get witness work

BMA Medico-legal Conference

Getting paid for expert witness work can be a big problem, according to a solicitor and marketing expert.

Mark Solon, whose firm Bond Solon trains expert witnesses, said doctors’ marketing involved four ‘Ps’: Price – getting it right; Product – defining the expert witness’s service; Place – how you reach your customer; Promotion – marketing strategy.

Only half of the 150 doctors in the audience admitted to having done any marketing. Of those that did, directories were the most popular avenue.

Mr Solon advised doctors to have a good website and said solicitors found expert witness doctors from the following sources:

 The legal firm’s database;
 Appearances in court on other cases;
 Recommendations from clients;
 Expert agencies;
 Directories, databases and professional bodies.

Other marketing ideas for doctors included mailshots, advertisements in journals, articles, meetings and seminars, universities and other academic institutions and internet or literature searches.