Answers to your ethical conundrums

Dr Nicola LennardLe Penseur de Rodin (Laeken - Belgique)‘Business Dilemmas’

Report writing and confidentiality dilemmas facing independent practitioners are addressed this month by Dr Nicola Lennard (right)




Dilemma 1

Can I pull out as expert witness?

Q I am a senior neurologist and provide medico-legal reports for clinical negligence claims.

I’ve received a request from a solicitor asking additional questions on a particularly complex case on which I previously provided a report.

In addition, the solicitor has asked for an updated prognosis report and explained that I may be expected to attend court next year.

I am semi-retired and have made plans to travel abroad. I’m concerned that if I provide the additional report, I may not be in the country when the court case takes place.

Can I decline to provide the additional report?