Fear of complaint lurks in the mind

FreeVector-ThinkerDr Nicola Lennard ‘Business Dilemmas’

With clinical negligence claims on the rise, to what extent should your decision-making be influenced by the medico-legal climate? Dr Nicola Lennard (right) considers two contrasting scenarios


Dilemma 1

Do I give in to a plea for a scan ?

GMC shadowQ A patient with persistent indigestion returned to my practice this week asking me to refer him for an abdominal CT scan.

The patient has not lost weight and has already had an endoscopy and blood tests, which were normal.

I did not think a CT scan was justified at the time, but, a couple of years ago, I was sued because of a delay in diagnosing a patient’s pancreatic cancer. I am worried that history might repeat itself.

What should I do?