Help for heart patients

By Charles King

A new website launched by Bupa and The Society for Cardio­thoracic Surgery (SCTS) aims to give peace of mind to those facing heart surgery.

SCTS patient websiteThe online hub has been developed for patients, families and carers and is relevant for all types of heart surgery, with videos of a surgeon, cardiothoracic nurse and patient following their surgical journey all the way through from the first appointment to their eventual recovery.

It gives advice and reassurance from trusted SCTS experts, with information they know is reliable and medically-evidenced.

Bupa research found four in five UK adults turn to the internet for health advice, yet many admit finding conflicting health information, leading to confusion and frustration.

Dr Steve Iley, Bupa UK medical director, said: ‘This website will be a great resource for anyone wanting a human approach to what can be a difficult procedure to understand, with evidence-based information in one place, taking people from their first appointment through to surgery and recovery.

SCTS president-elect Mr Graham Cooper said: ‘We saw a clear need for an online resource that pat­ients could rely on for information about heart surgery. This website is the product of years of hard work in partnership with Bupa.

‘We know it will be a valuable tool for the thousands of patients in the UK who are faced with heart surgery each year. It’s also a great hub for surgeons, carers and the wider healthcare industry, who can use the information to engage with patients and provide real-life examples of treatment and recovery.’

The website is free for anyone to access through the Bupa or SCTS websites: