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Tax Guide 2020

All you need to know in terms of the latest tax rules to plan your business this year.

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Tax Guide 2019

Get up to date with all the latest things you can be doing to minimise your tax bill this year by reading our page-turnable Tax Guide for 2019.

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Your company life cycle – a guide to being tax-efficient

As the personal financial positions of consultants in private practice develop over time, so must their business. Different actions are necessary at each stage of a limited company to achieve the most effective tax result.

Every specialist’s situation is unique, so it would not be possible to create a one-size-fits-all approach here – although this is possible on an individual basis.

But in this guide to help you use your company efficiently during the various stages of its life cycle you will notice characteristics which will be familiar to your position.

We hope this will allow you to compare some of the most tax-efficient actions against those which you are currently adopting.

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Tax Guide 2016

Read the 2016 Tax Guide in a page-turnable edition by clicking here.

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