Your company life cycle – a guide to being tax-efficient

As the personal financial positions of consultants in private practice develop over time, so must their business. Different actions are necessary at each stage of a limited company to achieve the most effective tax result.

Every specialist’s situation is unique, so it would not be possible to create a one-size-fits-all approach here – although this is possible on an individual basis.

But in this guide to help you use your company efficiently during the various stages of its life cycle you will notice characteristics which will be familiar to your position.

We hope this will allow you to compare some of the most tax-efficient actions against those which you are currently adopting.

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Company Life Cycle tax guide front

Private doctors guide to tax

Inevitably with a general election looming, some of the Chancellor’s announcements in the
2015 Budget may be moot, as he cannot provide a guarantee that he will be in the next
Parliamentary round to see these through as policies. But there are a fair number of things to
consider when looking at arranging your financial affairs.

Independent Practitioner Today’s latest guide therefore  helps you cut through the
complexities with some sensible advice and tips which will help you save money and, with so
much tax inspector interest in doctors’ financial affairs, keep within the rules.

Download the free PDF by clicking below or view online here.