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    Pension tax porkies

    More senior doctors are triggering harsh tax bills because of pensions tax. However, rash decisions are unwise, warns Hugh Davies, ...

Fee obscurity is shown in survey

By Robin Stride A new survey backs up calls in Independent Practitioner Today for clearer information on fees in private hospitals. According to the Private Health­care Information Network (PHIN), private healthcare prices are becoming more transparent but more progress is needed.  Its criticism came after it commissioned an informal secret shopper exercise* and frequently found […]

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Get the most out of your accountant

Susan Hutter gives her first article in a new A-Z guide of essential matters that consultants and GPs need to consider in order to run their private practices efficiently. ‘A’ is for accountants, and what you should be looking for in the accountant you choose to act for your practice. The key issues to consider are: […]

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The lonely trail to keep up to date

Difficulties encountered by independent practitioners in the pathway to revalidation include confusion, inaccurate information, conflicting advice and time constraints. Kate Lewis and Darren Wiggins guide you through the maze. The revalidation pathway for independent practitioners can seem a lonely and daunting prospect to tread.   You are largely responsible for your own direction and supervision that […]

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David Hare

Both sectors need to share care data

Patient safety, highlighted in a major report from the Royal College of Surgeons of England last month, remains high on the agenda at the Independent Health­care Providers Network. David Hare explains why data sharing is vital. Back in 2015, former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt declared it his mission to make the NHS ‘the safest healthcare system […]

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Tech tests

The tests for tech

Whether you are a technophile or technophobe, Kingsley Hollis says you should consider these five big issues before deciding whether to invest in new technology. Those people who will queue all night for the launch of the latest must-have gadget have a name – ‘early adopters’. And they are loved by technology giants because they […]

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Don’t pay too much tax on your gear

Some things you buy for your business will not be deducted in full against income in the year of purchase. This is generally known as capital expenditure.  Many consultants and private GPs have medical equipment, office equipment and possibly premises, and these types of expenditures are given special treatment for both accounting and tax.  Ian […]

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A week in the life of a bill chaser

With increasing numbers of private doctors seeking help to recover fees and prevent future shortfalls, Independent Practitioner Today asked Simon Brignall to keep a diary about the variety of issues he deals with for consultant clients.  MONDAY An early start to the week and the familiar sight of traffic congestion on the M25, but I […]

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The stress from a claim

‘Business Dilemmas’ A surgeon suffers huge emotional distress when a claim is received more than two years after an operation. Dr Ellie Mein gives some sound advice on how to respond         Dilemma 1 How can I cope with this claim? Q I am a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who has a patient […]

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Feeling the force of tough competition

Our analysis of England’s NHS trust private patient earnings by region continues with a look at progress in the northern Home Counties. Philip Housden reports. This month, we continue our second annual round of reviewing the NHS PPU sector across all regions of England with a focus on the eight NHS trusts delivering acute care […]

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Raising the bar with this stylish saloon

Doctor on the Road: Peugeot 508 In a world where plain-looking SUVs seem to dominate the family car market, Dr Tony Rimmer finds it refreshingly enjoyable to drive a new entry into the medium saloon/hatchback market. There have been many changes in medical practice over the years and new procedures, activities and services we doctors […]

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Making access to self-pay easy

The good news for many independent practitioners is that self-pay surgery is on the rise. The bad news is that the private healthcare sector needs to do much more to make it easier for patients to access. And clearing up price confusion would be a good place to start, argues Keith Pollard. The increasing cost […]

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