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Don’t rush to punish staff

Poor performance and misconduct issues can be a minefield for doctors who employ their own staff. Hempsons’ solicitor Lucy Miles gives some useful pointers to help you navigate the minefield. ‘No man is an island’ – this phrase is particularly pertinent in the workplace, given that many of us depend on the skills, experience, expertise […]

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The money chase

A big difficulty for many new and established consultants in private practice are billing and collection issues – whether they work as an individual or a group. Findlay Fyfe examines the scale of the problem. Consultants entering private practice quite often start on their own, so have a steep learning curve when setting up and […]

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An impressive return

Our motoring correspondent Dr Tony Rimmer finds the new Volvo XC60 is the right match for medical professionals who appreciate a quality product but do not want to be too flashy. There are times in every independent practice when difficult decisions need to be made. Premises – if you have them –may be deteriorating and […]

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Getting on top of stress at work

In the last of his series of four articles for Independent Practitioner Today, consultant psychologist Dr Michael Sinclair gives five more tips for managing stress on the job – without trying to eradicate it. I can recommend some strategies that might be useful alternatives to the usual ways you have attempted to feel less stressed […]

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Danger triangle

Errors of judgement return to haunt you

With the pressures of modern practice, it is easy to make a misjudgement in your professional or even your personal life which raise questions about your integrity. Following our first feature last month, Dr Kathryn Leask looks at three more scenarios in which one-off mistakes had serious consequences. How to lose friends A consultant gynaecologist […]

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A race to beat tax

It’s not long before the new tax year of 2018-19, but Susan Hutter says make sure you don’t miss out with some useful financial planning before the current tax year closes. Pension planning From 6 April 2018, the annual allowance, which is effectively the maximum contribution payable into a pension scheme, is £40,000. The annual […]

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Plans get uprooted

Creating your own premises Using a psychiatrist’s new premises as a case study, over a series of four articles, Maurice Citron presents a diary of a clinic build. He sketches out some of the important issues and processes you will need to consider if you decide to acquire, develop and trade from your own clinical […]

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Plan to boost PPUs

Now is a great time to connect local best practice and national leadership together to re-energise and invest in the Private Patient Unit sector – and snatch the £1bn-a-year opportunity these units are for the NHS. Philip Housden explains more in the second of a series of articles for Independent Practitioner Today. My review of […]

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Taxes to eat you out of house and home

Property taxes can be complicated and catch you unawares, so it is important you take the time to understand the rules and regulations to ensure you don’t get caught out with unexpected tax to pay. Ian Tongue explores the more common taxes and potential problem areas that owners face. Your main residence For most, your […]

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What newbies need to know

So you want to do private work? Entering private practice for the first time can be an exciting time but there are traps if you are unprepared. Worrying about how to go about it and what you need to be aware of is natural. Dr Karen Ellison answers some common questions. What do I need […]

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