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How to look after your data

Doctors are under increasing scrutiny when it comes to reporting serious incidents and data-sharing in private practice. Jane Braithwaite presents a timely analysis and gives some useful tips. A recent BBC Panorama TV documentary entitled ‘How safe is your operation?’ uncovered serious concerns about the sharing of data and incident reporting in the private sector. […]

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Builders spanner

Something to build on

Using a consultant psychiatrist’s practice development as a case study, Maurice Citron sketches out some important issues you will need to consider if you decide to acquire, develop and trade from your own clinical property. This month, he considers some points on the Care Quality Commission registration process and development funding options. The Care Quality […]

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Surgical instruments

How the profession evolved

So where did your business come from? In her new book, Suzie Grogan traces the development of surgeon-apothecaries in the remarkable century of change between 1750-1850. This month: the structure of the medical profession. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, the medical profession was beginning to develop a level of professional feeling that was […]

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Figure 4 PPU

Capital investments

We reported last month that analysis of NHS trusts’ 2016-17 annual accounts reveal that total private patient incomes rose by 4.6% to reach another new record of £594m.   But this headline figure masks significant differences across the UK. Philip Housden’s series examines private patient services across England, by region, starting with London. The 22 […]

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It adds up to keep on top of numbers

As anyone in private practice will vouch, having a good book-keeper or practice manager who can focus on the numbers and necessary administration can prove invaluable. Yet how many in the profession are making sure their back office is working in the most efficient way for their business? Susan Hutter gives her guidance on how […]

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London Sports Orthopaedics treadmill

Proof of pudding is in collecting data

The London Sports Orthopaedics practice and HCA have launched a new Research & Outcomes Centre and the Sports Orthopaedics Research Foundation. Mr Ian McDermott sets out the aims. Perhaps most people associate research with universities and with labs. But research underpins most of the clinical care that we deliver on a daily basis – and […]

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Volkswagen T-Roc small

Little SUV in the right direction

Could Volkswagen’s new offering be set to regain buyers’ confidence following the ‘Dieselgate’ fiasco? Dr Tony Rimmer thinks so. The success or failure of both our medical and business end­eavours are ultimately determined by human frailties. We are reliant on the morals and ethics of our colleagues and fellow team members to ensure good practice. […]

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A power of attorney request gets tricky

‘Business Dilemmas’ All they need is the doctor’s signature. But as one of our readers finds, it is not as simple as that. Dr Katherine Leask answers her query         Dilemma 1 Can I still act as impartial party? Q I am a consultant oncologist and I have been asked to act […]

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Alix Daniel

It’s difficult to refer

Opinion GPs are not blocking patients’ access to private care. It is more a case of consultants proving difficult to reach, argues Harley Street GP Dr Alix Daniel. I read with interest the article from Fiona Booth, chief executive of the Association of Independent Healthcare Organisations (AIHO) ‘GPs “block access to private care”’ in last […]

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Businessman looking at paperwork

Your second steps in private practice

Your ‘year two’ in private practice is a time for a review, says Ian Tongue. No doubt your first year of private practice has been a whirlwind, but it is important that you take time to pause and ensure you are best placed for your second year onwards. Taking advice from a medical accountant can […]

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