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When you have to snitch on patients

‘Business Dilemmas’

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Dr Catherine Wills

Le Penseur de Rodin (Laeken - Belgique)Issues to do with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority take centre stage this month. Dr Catherine Wills answers more readers queries





Dilemma 1

What to do about his fainting fits?

Man driving a car on the roadQ A patient came to see me reporting that he had suffered unexplained syncope earlier in the week.

I referred him for tests and advised him to stop driving and inform the DVLA. He was reluctant but, after discussion, I thought he had agreed.

Today he returned for the test results. He told me he had chosen to wait and see if he had another episode before deciding whether to stop driving.

So far, he has not, and he has not informed the DVLA either. I couldn’t persuade him to stop driving and he didn’t accept my offer of a second opinion.

I told him that his insurance cover may be affected and that I might need to tell the DVLA myself. He still refused, saying that he would lose his job.

What should I do now?