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Proof of pudding is in collecting data

The London Sports Orthopaedics practice and HCA have launched a new Research & Outcomes Centre and the Sports Orthopaedics Research Foundation. Mr Ian McDermott sets out the aims.

Perhaps most people associate research with universities and with labs. But research underpins most of the clinical care that we deliver on a daily basis – and this applies as much, if not more, to the independent sector as it does to the NHS.

London Sports Orthopaedic McDermott

Mr Ian McDermott at the opening of his clinic’s Research & Outcomes Centre

I left the NHS ten years ago and founded the London Sports Orthopaedics practice. We are a growing practice of currently 15 consultant orthopaedic surgeons, sports physicians, rheumatologists and pain specialists based in the heart of the The City of London.

We’re lucky enough to have benefited from considerable investment in our clinic by HCA, so that our outpatient diagnostic centre at 31 Old Broad Street is one of the best equipped in the country.