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Little SUV in the right direction

Volkswagen main

Could Volkswagen’s new offering be set to regain buyers’ confidence following the ‘Dieselgate’ fiasco? Dr Tony Rimmer thinks so.

The success or failure of both our medical and business end­eavours are ultimately determined by human frailties. We are reliant on the morals and ethics of our colleagues and fellow team members to ensure good practice.

If one part of the group falters or makes some bad decisions, it is the whole organisation that suffers. Recovery from this position may be slow and will inevitably involve the close monitoring of on-going activity. This continuing activity needs to be above average to counter the negative connotations.

Volkswagen T-Roc 6

Based on the same floorplan as the latest Golf, the T-Roc is a small SUV and latecomer to the highly competitive SUV/cross-over segment of the market

This is exactly the situation that the Volkswagen Group, the world’s largest car maker, finds itself in following the notorious ‘Dieselgate’ fiasco that was uncovered in 2015.

To regain buyers’ confidence, it has to release great-value class-leading vehicles with a wide option of petrol-powered variants. To find out whether it is doing this or not, it was with great interest that I approached the very newest Volkswagen model to be launched, the T-Roc.