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Can you afford your bucket list?

Dr Benjamin Holdsworth explains why you should consider now how to make your retirement dreams a reality.

golden coins dropping into funnel above bucket list, concept of financing your dreams

When we polled Cavendish clients to ask their intentions for retirement, we were delighted with some of their unusual responses.

As well as the more familiar replies of exotic travel and driving classic cars, one client’s dream is to conduct an orchestra, others would like to own micro-pigs, win a BAFTA, learn bell-ringing, visit a prison and complete a dry-walling course in Derbyshire.

Unsurprisingly, the majority were looking forward to travelling, with Australia, North America, South America, Antarc­tica and the Galapagos Islands included among the desired destinations.

Some 35% of clients had a formalised bucket list, which included car racing, enjoying more time with family, volunteering abroad and learning a new language.

Inspiring ideas

Our clients’ ideas for life post-medicine are always inspiring and we know from the many postcards and emails received that they certainly enjoy fully-charged retirements.