When winding down your work

greenwich regulator clockWhether you are counting down the days or feeling somewhat sad about leaving the medical world, retirement needs to be well planned for. And that is especially true for those with a private practice. Thought needs to be given to the ongoing management of medical records, and ensuring the safe hand-over of patients can be a lengthy process.

Dr Lucy Hanington looks at the rules and practicalities a retiring doctor may need to consider.

Medical records

The GMC’s Confidentiality guidance states at paragraph 128:

‘If you are responsible for managing patient records or other patient information, you must make sure the records you are responsible for are made, stored, transferred, protected and disposed of in line with data protection law and other relevant laws.

‘You should make use of professional expertise when selecting and developing systems to record, access and send electronic data.’

It may be necessary to make alternative arrangements for the secure storage of records on retirement, if you are unable to keep them in their current location.