Don’t risk your reputation

Doctors are expected to meet the highest standards of conduct in their work and in their personal lives – but sometimes it can go horribly wrong and put your private practice and reputation at risk.

Dr Nicola Lennard shows how a misjudgement can easily cast doubt on your character and attract attention from the GMC.

Career hazardA doctor’s first duty is to their patients, but, beyond this, they also have a responsibility to justify the public’s trust in the medical profession.

The GMC expects doctors to be honest and trustworthy in everything they do and will investigate allegations that cast doubt on a clinician’s integrity.

In our experience, such cases do not necessarily involve a deliberate attempt to mislead. More often, the doctor concerned has acted hastily, paid insufficient attention or simply failed to think through the consequences of their actions.

The following scenarios illustrate the type of mistake which could put your private practice and reputation at risk – and also some advice on how to deal with these situations.