Cheeky car puts a smile on your face

Fiat 500 front large

We’ve reviewed some big cars in recent issues. But here’s one Dr Tony Rimmer finds will be easier for getting into the doctors’ car park and running around the city. Even in Italy…

Life as an independent practitioner is always busy and often stressful. We all have different ways of relieving these pressures outside of work: by playing sports or indulging in favourite pastimes or hobbies.

To this end, those of us who consider ourselves to be car enthusiasts will enjoy driving any vehicle that gives us a sense of well-being.

True petrolheads will know that a car does not have to be expensive or fast to deliver this positivity, it just has to put a smile on your face.

Original Fiat 500s

The original 1950s’ model of the Fiat 500 was much smaller

One such car is the Fiat 500 which, like BMW’s MINI, took all of the classic attributes of the original 1950s’ car and reiterated them in a bang up-to-date package with masses of appeal.