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GMC letter is bitter pill to swallow

Dr Ed Farnan

Dr Ed Farnan

Le Penseur de Rodin (Laeken - Belgique)‘Business Dilemmas’

Dr Edward Farnan dispenses a medico-legal response to a doctor who self-prescribed and was shopped by the chemist




Dilemma 1

What do I about this GMC letter?

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Q I have recently received a worrying letter from the GMC explaining that my local pharmacist had written to it expressing concerns about a prescription I had written for myself for diclofenac 25mg and diazepam 2mg.

I had been prescribed diclofenac a few weeks before by my GP when I had had severe back pain.

The pain continued but I was unable to make a follow-up appointment, consequently, I had written a private prescription on a blank piece of paper, and added the low dose benzodiazepine for short-term use as a muscle relaxant to help me cope with a long flight.

I am surprised that the pharmacist had dispensed the prescription without expressing any concern to me, but had then decided to write to the GMC.

What should I do?