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No end in sight to growth in self-pay

The number of self-pay patients continues to rise, as we reported last month, and independent practitioners are being advised to position themselves to take advantage of the trend. Here we present key themes from the Private Healthcare UK Self-pay Market Report 2017.

PRIVATE HEALTHCARE UK SELF-PAY MARKET STUDY 2017 COVERThe research on the self-pay market was conducted between July and August 2017 and the pricing collection in July 2017.

The research embraced:

  • One-to-one interviews with leading figures in the UK provider market, third-party administrators, clinicians and NHS private patient units (PPUs);
  • An online survey of industry participants;
  • Collection of self-pay pricing information for the most commonly performed surgical procedures, treatments and higher-cost diagnostics – for example, MRI scanning – from independent providers.

In total, it collected and analysed around 6,000 prices for a range of diagnostic procedures, treatments and surgical procedures most commonly carried out for self-paying patients.

Conclusions of Private Healthcare UK