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Understanding social media

The predominant rule of thumb with social media is ‘be where your audience is’. We know they are out there on social media, but where? And how do we find them and engage with them?

Jane Braithwaite says the starting point is to develop a good understanding of the various social media platforms and the demographics of their users so that you can begin to plan your social media strategy using the right channels.

Social media hand 2Largely speaking, clinics and doctors will be targeting consumers, not other businesses, so we should be looking at the platforms where the consumer audience is most likely to be.

So, this month, we are focusing on the various social media platforms and the suitability of each, looking at the UK market rather than globally.

Social media marketing is widely considered to be the most cost-effective marketing method, so it’s an area private doctors should be using.

The social media market within the UK is mature and there have been no new competitive entrants in the last year. The ‘big three’ are recognised to be Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but Instagram and Pinterest are making inroads into the market share.

I will consider each of these platforms in turn to show how each is used with a view to helping you to decide which are right for you.