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Doctors make good managers

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Having progressed from hospital doctor to management consultant, it is now Dr Michelle Tempest’s mission to get more doctors involved in the management of healthcare to help guide positive change from within. Dr Tempest tells her story to Independent Practitioner Today.

Nothing can replace the journey of being a front-line doctor.

The camaraderie of medical school, the 100-hour weeks as a junior doctor, the long nights on call, the specialty training and those very distinctive hospital smells.

Every day is an honour and a privilege, every patient unique. However, the number-one concern for our future health and social care system is staffing.

Recruitment and retention of staff is fast becoming an anathema for both public and private sectors in both hospital and community settings. Locums are in high demand and the number of junior doctors rejecting higher specialty training has sky-rocketed.

I am one of the statistics who left the front line; for me there was no single light-bulb moment when I decided to hang up my stethoscope.