Fraudsters’ target is YOU

By Robin Stride Private consultants and GPs are being put on red alert over rising threats to their practice finances from fraudsters. Independent practitioners and their staff are seen as potential easy targets from criminals responsible for conning the cash from over 40% of businesses in the UK last year alone. Doctors face attacks from […]

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Woman Having Chemotherapy With Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Think of your time – it counts a lot

    Probably the biggest challenge when it comes to private practice is when you’re starting out for the first time. Surgeon Mr Dev Lall has some wise words. Before you can even see your first private patient, there are, of course, a number of obligate costs: medical indemnity; consulting rooms; secretarial support fees. And […]

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It’s usually better to hang together

    There is strength in numbers – Ian Tongue presents a guide to the whys and the wherefores of independent practitioners working as a group Working in a group can have a number of advantages and this approach is common among certain specialties. It may seem straightforward to work as a group, but it […]

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cosmetology, injection of hyaluronic acid

Map out your marketing plan

In the fifth of her essential series for doctors in the aesthetics world, Pam Underdown shows how to create a marketing strategy. A marketing strategy is essential for focusing your energy towards the right actions that will deliver on what you want to accomplish. There’s no need to over-think it or over-do it. The focus […]

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Basket of eggs

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Will your investment portfolio withstand any market conditions? Simon Bruce looks at the most effective way to prepare for all eventualities. Owners of 4×4 vehicles often appreciate them most when they leave smooth city roads for rough country lanes. And in investment, highly-diversified portfolios can provide similar reassurance. In blue skies and open highways, streamlined […]

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Caterham 1

Engine on wheels

Hold on to your hats! Independent Practitioner Today motoring correspondent Dr Tony Rimmer reckons there is nothing this side of a Porsche or Ferrari likely to thrill you on a rare weekend off as this stress-buster. There is something very satisfying about going back to basics. We are trained as doctors to assess, diagnose and […]

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Man hand isolated on white background, clipping path

Be safe and sorry – own up to errors

Dr Michael Devlin answers some burning questions about how the statutory duty of candour will apply to independent practitioners. When something goes wrong during treatment, individual doctors have long had an ethical duty to be open and transparent with the patient and try to put things right. But following the Mid-Stafford­shire inquiry, a legal duty […]

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Drink Lattina Beer

Tribinal’s ruling is not to be sniffed at

So you’ve smelt alcohol on a member of staff? Fiona McLellan and Jeremy Coy report on a sobering case for doctor employers. An employment tribunal finding that an NHS trust unfairly dismissed an employee for smelling of alcohol on duty has some important implications for independent practitioners. The case is of particular relevance to healthcare […]

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Vector journalism concept with hands holding microphone notepad and dictaphone

It’s how you tell ’em that counts

For those clinicians and organisations who have recognised the importance of media relations and agreed to dip their delicate toes into its murky waters, the first hurdle tends to be acquiring comprehension of what the mainstream press is after. Tingy Simoes reports. So just what will the media recognise as ‘a story’? Most importantly, you […]

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Matron Caroline Cassels

The hallmarks of a good private nurse

Private hospital matron Caroline Cassels (below, right) has witnessed some enormous changes in the fields of nursing and general medical care over the last 30 years. Training methods have evolved, technologies transformed and medicine has advanced light years. But, she says, many of the qualities that make a top-class nurse have not changed. The best […]

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Portugal Algarve

Buying in Portugal

Following last month’s article on where to buy real estate in Portugal, Dylan Mitchell looks at how to go about buying your dream villa or apartment in this beautiful country. Holidaymakers and property investors have often overlooked Portugal – but this is changing. Through a combination of tough cutbacks on government spending and the introduction […]

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