Prepare for self-pay rush

By Robin Stride Independent practitioners are being advised to scrub up for a self-pay patient bonanza bringing up to 20% growth a year. New research found nearly half of hospitals and clinics predicting a 10-15% rise by 2018 at the expense of personal and corporate private medical insurance (PMI) policies It forecast big regional disparities […]

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London. Westminster Bridge and Houses of Parliament on a beautiful evening.

Election’s fiscal fall-out

What does a Tory election victory mean for the personal finances of senior doctors? Satisfac-tory or nuga-tory? Simon Bruce highlights the key issues to consider. The Conservatives’ majority win for a second term in power surprised many voters – and indeed the pollsters whose predictions fell considerably wide of the mark. So what election promises […]

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Porsche Cayenne exterior 4

With lots of pep

It’s nice ‘n’ spicey and comes in enough versions to suit a wide range of doctors’ tastes and budgets. Dr Tony Rimmer has been testing all versions of the Porsche Cayenne and opts for the amazing S E-Hybrid. If you look at thriving and successful practices, you can guarantee that they only got to where […]

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Natural white sand stone texture and background

Ten rules to avoid the taxman

HM Revenue and Customs seem to think consultants’ incomes should rise 10% a year. If not, then you can get looked at. To help protect Independent Practitioner Today readers, Ray Stanbridge presents his…  

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HarleySt Eye Launch Party

Surgeon with an eye on the prize

Ophthalmic surgeon Mr Ahmed El-Amir describes his experiences and the thinking behind his decision to start up a new multidisciplinary eye clinic in Harley Street. Why would anyone want to take on the challenge of starting an eye clinic in Harley Street? Trust me; this is a question I’ve asked myself quite a few times […]

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PHIN trio

Ensuring consultants’ outcome data adds up

Senior doctors are out to make sure the new performance measures are fair and helpful for consultants in private practice The Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) has recently appointed a number of new non-executive directors to its board after taking up its role as the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA’s) approved ‘information organisation’ for private […]

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What a waste

Independent practitioners and their staff are under increasing pressure to understand and adhere to clinical waste regulations. Proper management of clinical waste is vital and there are strict laws to prevent harm being caused to the environment and to human health. But mistakes are still being made. Rebecca Allen outlines the ten big ones and […]

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Senior businessman concentrate reading and  checking contract

No more ‘freebies’

A flurry of activity in spring this year saw private hospitals adjusting to the reality of the Competition and Markets Authority’s Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order.   As a result, consultants have been approached and asked to sign new agreements with the hospitals. And the end result for many practitioners is an arrangement which looks […]

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Legal time

Get on the case of your time management

Whether your work comes in as a trickle or as a torrent, planning how you are going to manage your time as an expert witness is important. Michael R. Young shows what to consider. It is best to get into good habits earlier rather than later, when time might be more pressing. You won’t often […]

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Algarve, Portugal

Property in Portugal

Have you considered Portugal for that house you plan to invest in? This could be the time to take a closer look. Dylan Mitchell reports. Portugal has often been overlooked by holidaymakers and property investors, but that is starting to change. From the Algarve, with its beautiful sandy beaches, warm climate and fantastic golf courses, […]

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Doctor On Home Visit Discussing Health Of Senior Male Patient With Wife

Informed consent is tailor-made

‘Business Dilemmas’ Independent practitioners’ questions about risk management and consent are answered here by Dr Nicola Lennard (right).      Dilemma 1 What info should I give this carer? Q. I was recently visited by a patient who had been referred to my vascular out­patient clinic for consideration for a carotid endarterectomy, after suffering a […]

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