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    What to do when ‘that letter’ arrives

    So you’ve received a letter of claim? Multi-million-pound medical negligence claims are no longer a rarity, but receiving a solicitor’s ...

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Brexit could well cost you thousands

By Robin Stride Private doctors in London stand to lose thousands of pounds in the wake of Brexit, accountants fear. Financial projections for Indepen­dent Practitioner Today, based on independent practitioners’ earnings from the City, predict a 2-3% average drop in private practice gross incomes in the centre of the capital for every 10,000 job losses.

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What to do before you exit

Don’t leave your estate in a mess. Simon Bruce examines what happens when you don’t organise your affairs before you die. It’s fair to say that it has not been a good year for celebrities. The BBC has announced that it will struggle to include all the high-profile deaths in its annual tribute slot at […]

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Personality goes a long way

A doctor’s training can make your marketing material too stuffy, if you are not careful. Surgeon Mr Dev Lall shares ideas to put your personality into your practice’s shop window. One of the most common things I am asked to do is to critique consultants’ websites. The subtext, of course, is ‘what changes should I […]

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Beware the vortex

Consultants in private practice continue to lose money. Could you be one of those whose cash is disappearing into a black hole? Garry Chapman reports. We visit practices and clinics on a daily basis and, amazingly, we are still uncovering independent practitioners who have big financial problems. And mostly because they have not got the […]

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Strange medical tales

Independent Practitioner Today presents a new series by TV doctor and full-time writer Dr Michael O’Donnell (right), drawn from his new book Medicine’s Strangest Cases. THE BIRTH OF PROFESSIONAL FEEMANSHIP, LYONS, FRANCE, 1533 What little we know of the lives of doctors who practised in ill-documented times is often an indistinguishable mix of fact and […]

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The dangers of going the extra mile

‘Business Dilemmas’ Dr Beverley Ward (right) brings answers to two more questions raised by Independent Practitioner Today readers     Dilemma 1 Can I take photo of patient’s skin? Q I am a consultant dermatologist. I would like to take a photograph of a skin condition on a patient to send to a colleague for a […]

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Freedoms of incorporation

Is a company still a good choice for my private practice? It’s the big question many independent practitioners are asking. In the second part of her response for Independent Practitioner Today, Vanessa Sanders makes clear it is important to think carefully about what you wish to achieve with your business. But do not discount using […]

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Young doc

You can get the staff

      Philip Housden continues his journey following a year in the life of a NHS private patient unit (PPU). This month: improving staffing. So, we Brexited then! I guess you will be using your time on the airbed or lounger by the pool during the holiday period to reflect on the performance of […]

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VW Tiguan 3

Filling in the gulf nicely

Things move on in your business and they have to in the car world too. Dr Tony Rimmer finds the wide choice available from Volkswagen’s new offering would make a lot of sense for independent practitioners whose budget doesn’t stretch as far as some we know. Every business needs to keep an eye on market […]

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Work accident

An accident, but still your fault

  Doctors who are involved in managing employees in private practice need to be aware of the risks of vicarious liability. Joanne Payne puts the spotlight on an important but often overlooked area. In private practice, the practice and partners could be held vicariously liable for the actions of any salaried consultants or GPs and […]

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Briefing report

Keep them briefed

In Independent Practitioner Today’s continuing series to assist doctors acting as clinical negligence expert witnesses, Michael R. Young gives his tips for producing a current condition and prognosis report. When the solicitor wants to know how things are at present, and what is likely to happen in the future, they will ask you for a […]

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