Turmoil over 'sell-offs'

Hospital group HCA enters 2015 unsure whether to crack the champagne or dig in for another costly battle to stop the Com­petition and Markets Auth­ority forcing it to sell two flagship London hospitals. Click here to read more

Financial 'goodwill' does exist

Accountants have achieved a breakthrough with the taxman that means a dose of New Year cheer for consultants running their own businesses. Find out what this means for private practices and their 'ltd status' and for those who want to sell on their 'practice goodwill' by clicking here

Marketing people small

Seven ways not to reach your audience

Surgeon Mr Dev Lall believes there are seven particular areas to be wary of when you are trying to grow your private practice in 2015…

Find out what to avoid by clicking here


My leap into a war film

Kajaki front 2

It’s not every day one is asked to get involved in making a war film, so when I got an email about the Kajaki movie project, I was intrigued, says a surgeon and army parachutist. Read his story by clicking here


Doc and patient smallNew law will backfire

The Medical Innovation Bill is an unnecessary risk, warns medico-legal expert Dr Marika Davies.

Click here to read her argument that the proposed law will greatly increase patient expectations and risk damaging the doctor-patient relationship


New life on the other side

Newly independent GP Dr Kannan Athreya tells the story of why he finally left the NHS. Click here to read his story


CQC Healthcare Conference Jan 2015


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Medical secretary winners frontTop private secretaries

Nearly 100 doctors nominated their closest staff for the 2014 British Society of Medical Secretaries and Administrators’ Private Medical Secretary of the Year award. Click here to see who came out top

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