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    Things to get right when starting out

      Setting out in private practice can be a minefield to the uninitiated, especially for doctors beginning their career. Dr ...


By Robin Stride Consultants have hit out at NHS England proposals to try and force them to reveal their private practice earnings, warning the idea is pointless, unworkable and ludicrous. Doctors’ bodies, including the Independent Doctors Federation (IDF), the Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association (HCSA) and the Federation of Independent Practitioner Organisations (FIPO), all expressed […]

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Information is power

All consultants’ and hospitals’ performance data for treating privately-funded patients in the UK will begin to be published by The Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) from next April. In the run-up, it has been giving consultants the chance to check their data to ensure the performance measures are fair and robust. Over the last six […]

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Higher education, even higher costs

Ouch! University and school fees have left many parents in the red this month. With just one-in-five doctors currently saving towards private school fees, Michael Copeland outlines what you need to know about saving for your children’s future, what the new fee rises could mean and how you can make the most of compound interest […]

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Staff under Brexit 1

Your staff’s rights after Brexit

EU legislation and case law has had a huge impact upon UK employment law – so it is very likely BREXIT will have an impact on employee protection and employee rights. But how much of a change are we likely to see? Andrew Davidson and Helen Baxter report. Nothing is going to happen very quickly. […]

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When expenses can be expensive

Knowing which expenses can be claimed against your taxable income can be a minefield. The type of expenses and reason for incurring them will be relevant, but so is your status, because the rules can be different for an employee, self-employed or doctors trading through a limited company. Ian Tongue looks at the more common […]

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Enjoy your third age

Retirement? Learn from the top ten mistakes other independent practitioners have made. Is your path to retirement clearly marked or are you putting off the crucial planning until tomorrow? Simon Bruce highlights the top ten mistakes every senior consultant should avoid. The best way to deal with the current economic uncertainty is to ensure the […]

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Your medico-legal queries answered

‘Business Dilemmas’ Independent Practitioner Today readers’ defence questions are answered here by Dr Emma Doherty (right)     Dilemma 1 Can I let school students sit in? Q I work as a private GP. My nephew, a sixth-form student, is considering studying medicine at university and has asked if he could have a week’s work experience […]

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Still plenty of va va voom

Our tester Dr Tony Rimmer finds the new Renault Megane GT is a competitor to that long-time doctors’ favourite – the Golf GTI. We medics have always liked our cars. In the early years after qualifying, if we didn’t aspire to a two-seater sports car, the next best thing was a hot hatchback. The car […]

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It’s all a question of trust

      Philip Housden continues his journey following a year in the life of a NHS private patient unit (PPU). This month: your relationship with the trust management. Last month, I shared some examples of how NHS private patient units can and should respond to commercial opportunities for growth in their local competitive market. […]

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Your tax is going digital

‘Making tax digital’ is a Government initiative to be implemented by 2020. Vanessa Sanders shows what it will mean for those doctors who complete a tax return for themselves or their business. Everyone currently has some access to their tax information held by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), but this is neither exhaustive nor held […]

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Money tree

Don’t leave it too late

The billing and collection side of running the private practice business needs to be well organised to ensure good cash flow – and good cash flow determines the success of most businesses. Follow Gary Nials’s check list of things to do to make sure the practice’s billing and collection is efficient. If any of these […]

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