Doctors’ fears over insurer’s fee shifts

The Federation of Independent Pract­itioner Organisations has expressed ‘serious concerns’ over an AXA PPP bid to cut many consultants’ fees by around 20% and persuade more specialists to agree tie-in contracts.

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Debt spiral front  Don't fall into a debt spiral

Financial stress can hit all consultants’ private practices at some stage. We outline the three key problem areas and the questions you should address. Discover what these are by clicking here


Vote frontWhat if Scotland goes its own way?

As those north of the border prepare for their big vote on 18 September, we look at the financial implications on all senior doctors of Scotland quitting the Union. To see what these are, click here 


Star in your own movie

Video camera frontLights, camera, action!

Independent practitioners are increasingly using video so patients can see and hear them talk before they meet.

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