• Xray image of a human head brain

    Surgeon with brainwaves

    Entrepreneurial neurosurgeon Mr Richard Ashpole has a successful sideline in designing surgical instruments. In addition to my usual duties as ...

Keith Hague lighter

Salary option ‘surging’

By Robin Stride Doctors’ expressions of interest in working on a salaried basis in a new flagship private hospital has gone through the four-figure mark, its chief operating officer has revealed. Mr Keith Hague said London’s Cleveland Clinic, due to open in two-and-a-half years’ time with an initial 200 beds (29 ITU), had sparked interest […]

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Man breathing deep fresh air outdoors with a blue sky in the background

Breathe in . . . and relax

Consultant psychologist Dr Michael Sinclair invites you to explore the ways that you may usually respond to your own stress experience and to take a pragmatic approach in considering whether these ‘coping strategies’ are working well for you, or not. Some of the very real stressors that come with working as a medical consultant I […]

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Keeping up with Google

Make it your business to be visible to potential patients Doctors who fail to implement new Google updates for their websites face being overlooked, warns Geoff Meakin of Serps Health. Over the past 18 months, Google has been overhauling its local search results experience, including the map listings that regularly appear when searching for local […]

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Various car parts and accessories, isolated on white background

Racing towards tax-efficient cars

Ian Tongue looks at the current position for those considering buying a car regarded as tax-efficient by the motor trade. With the Government recently announcing a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2040, it has naturally raised more interest in electric and ultra-low-emission vehicles. A visit to the car dealer […]

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Renault Koleos small

Beauty in the beast

‘Doctor on the Road’ Renault has upped its game with this smart, comfortable and practical family SUV, says Independent Practitioner Today motoring correspondent Dr Tony Rimmer. A view of future services and facilities on offer is the basis for all regular business plan updates and any independent practitioner will recognise this format. For a proactive […]

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Couple of hikers with backpacks walking in the mountains

Always another summit to climb

So you have a history of setting goals for yourself. Surgeon Mr Dev Lall believes it’s important to maintain that momentum throughout your career to maintain job and personal satisfaction. The temptation during our training is to view the consultant post as the ultimate prize: the end goal. While that is entirely understandable, it is […]

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Make your phone work for you

How to convert callers

Every inquiry is precious to a practice and should be treated that way, says Stephanie Vaughan-Jones in the last of her mini-series for Independent Practitioner Today. I would be very surprised to hear of any private practices that would not like to convert every person who called with a new inquiry into a patient on […]

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Dr Christine Tomkins

Defence body’s bid to curb indemnity fees

An unexpected decision to change the formula for calculating personal injury compensation payments has had damaging consequences for the cost of indemnity. Dr Christine Tomkins, MDU chief executive, explains the impact on the profession and patients. When the former Lord Chan­cellor, Liz Truss, announced she was cutting the discount rate for legal compensation payments to […]

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Close-up of two white pills on white background

GMC letter is bitter pill to swallow

‘Business Dilemmas’ Dr Edward Farnan dispenses a medico-legal response to a doctor who self-prescribed and was shopped by the chemist       Dilemma 1 What do I about this GMC letter? Q I have recently received a worrying letter from the GMC explaining that my local pharmacist had written to it expressing concerns about […]

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Bright ideas can pay off

Despite what some might believe, the taxman isn’t some villainous character looking to see medical businesses and doctor entrepreneurs fail. On the contrary, HMRC wants the taxpayer to succeed and, wherever possible and appropriate, receive tax relief on anything promoting business activity generally, as well as on innovation and investment. Susan Hutter discusses different ways […]

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GMC licence to practise

Don’t let them take it away

‘Legal Briefing’ Revalidation can prove to be a costly trap for the unwary doctor in private practice. Hempsons solicitor and qualified doctor Tania Francis gives some sound advice to help ensure you stay licensed to practise. For most doctors, appraisals and revalidation are straightforward. If you are employed by an NHS trust – even if […]

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