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‘Calamity’ looms for defence fees

By Robin Stride The future of potentially thousands of consultants and GPs in private practice is under threat from an imminent shock rise in indemnity costs. Defence subscriptions will go up dramatically due to Lord Chan­cellor Liz Truss changing the controversial formula courts use to adjust large compensation payments to take account of future investment […]

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middle aged man in blue plays the tenor saxophone against white studio background

Making the most of your free time

A good work-life balance can actually boost your career and well-being. But how do you set about achieving it? Jane Braithwaite (right) continues her series of tips by giving some advice on taking time out.   Last month, I wrote about time management and how to utilise time more efficiently. We need to do this […]

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Filing cabinet

Timing is everything

The paperwork around filing year-end accounts isn’t everyone’s idea of fun – although the resulting profit calculations hopefully will be. Susan Hutter gives her tips. Meeting the deadlines Independent practitioners who trade as a limited company have to file their year-end accounts within nine months of that year end. A popular year-end date for companies […]

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Handling unusual requests

‘Business Dilemmas’ Patients’ more unusual requests to their private doctor are discussed here by Dr Nicola Lennard (right)       Dilemma 1 Patient wants to donate her body Q One of my elderly private patients has had high blood pressure for many years and her heart is now failing. The patient knows she has […]

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Renault Scenic thumbnail

Take a scenic route

‘Doctor on the Road’ The new Scenic is well worth a look for the independent practitioner who needs a good-looking family car that is cheap to run, feels modern and scores highly for practicality, says our motoring correspondent Dr Tony Rimmer. Uncertainty can certainly put a bit of a damper on things and independent practitioners […]

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Injection of cash

Giving a cash injection

TV doctor and full-time writer Dr Michael O’Donnell continues with more from his new book, Medicine’s Strangest Cases. This month, he relates the case of a Harley Street doctor who invented a profitable disease of the rich. LONDON, 1922 For the first two-thirds of the 20th century, the most rewarding postgraduate qualification in British medicine […]

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Code Buster MBC

No puzzle to getting paid quicker

Private medical insurance work in private practice is big business, so let Code Buster! keep you in the know Every month, the Clinical Coding and Schedule Development Group (CCSD) reviews its 2,000-plus procedure codes, and more than 3,000-plus diagnostic codes, that form the basis of private medical insurance. It is crucial for independent practitioners and […]

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boxer actually being hit, studio shot

Socking it to head injury

Protecting brains is the business of The Concussion Clinic at The Manchester Institute of Health and Performance, operated by HCA Healthcare. Mr John Leach describes the unit’s revolutionary work. The management of head injury in sport is undergoing a revolution. Previously, a knock to the head may have been shrugged off or even glorified. These […]

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London Diabetes Centre

How we launched a subsidiary brand

London Medical’s chief operating officer David Briggs describes his experiences to date in marketing its diabetes practice under a new identity, focusing on its expert consultants. I recently had the opportunity to launch our diabetes practice under its own identity – The London Diabetes Centre (LDC). The launch marked a major milestone in our 25-year […]

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Rabbit and hound

Perplexing pensions

Your pension questions, especially about the erosion of your benefits due to tax changes, are keeping accountants busy. Ian Tongue explores the impact of major changes to the taxing of your pension and shows what to consider now. Think of your pension as a bucket. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) does not want you to […]

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Philip Housden

Separate the teams

            Philip Housden reviews the interface between the PPU and the rest of the NHS trust, and how getting this right can drive growth in financial surpluses from the trust’s investment in the PPU. Most typically, at least in non-metropolitan NHS trusts, the private patient service really means the ward. However, many trusts will […]

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