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Fees fight goes on

By Robin Stride The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has announced its planned timetable for implementing publication of consultants’ fees following the profession’s failed challenge to the appeal court. Independent doctors’ bodies, given only a few weeks’ notice to react to the ‘consultation’, were working on submitting responses as Independent Practitioner Today went to press. […]

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Balancing man

The balancing act of starting a business

New legal pitfalls are lining up for doctor entrepreneurs. Jamie Foster and Simon Lee give an introduction to a vital new series for Independent Practitioner Today aimed at ensuring you don’t trip up. It was ever thus, but the speed of change in recent years as a result of technological advances has been immense.

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You could miss out

Filing tax returns is something that you may put to the bottom of your ‘to do’ list – but with the 31 January 2017 deadline looming, you will need to make sure you have all the necessary information to hand. Susan Hutter gives some pointers on making the process as seamless as possible if you […]

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Profile jigsaw

Ways you can manage your profile

Our monthly series by Jane Braithwaite (right) gives some vital tips to help independent practitioners manage their public image     What do I know about you? Have you evaluated the image you portray to prospective patients? Your personal information is easily accessible, including your social media profile and Companies House business records. But how […]

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HCA cancer network group shot

A truly integrated cancer care team

Dr Tobias Arkenau sets out HCA Healthcare UK’s network approach on integrated oncology, palliative care and support services, recently recognised and accredited by the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO). Patients who have been diagnosed with cancer often face the problem of finding good-quality holistic care, and this may be in the early, curable disease […]

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Empty notice board made of old wood hanging on a nail

Doctor detested rich patients

TV doctor and full-time writer Dr Michael O’Donnell continues his series with the 1798 tale of the private surgeon who had a dislike of operating. John Abernethy, an eighteenth-century surgeon, was notorious for his brusqueness when dealing with wealthy patients.

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Doppelzimmer mit zwei leeren sauberen Betten im Krankenhaus

PPU beds help, not hurt, NHS finances

Philip Housden shows how best to build on strong relationships between the consultant and management to ensure the private patient unit (PPU) delivers commercial and service gains for the NHS trust If your NHS trust has not yet begun to hit the buffers of bed pressures, then it soon will. It may be late autumn […]

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Absolute returns

Some returns aren’t absolutely fabulous

The promise of ‘absolute returns’ on your investments is easy to make but hard to keep. Patrick Convey explains why all is not what it seems with such a strategy. The combination of short-term market uncertainty, human nature and an immediately attractive-sounding moniker is a marketing man’s dream. In the past, the investment industry has […]

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Answers to your ethical puzzles

‘Business Dilemmas’ Worries about a colleague and the potential for a patient’s condition to result in complications are the drivers behind two more readers’ questions to Dr Nicola Lennard (right).   Dilemma 1 What do I do with testy colleague? Q I am a consultant surgeon and have become increasingly concerned about the behaviour of […]

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Golf 5

The best of both worlds

The doctors’ long-time favourite could always be bought with an electrifying performance version. This one really is. Independent Practitioner Today’s tester Dr Tony Rimmer reports. Advances in technology have always heavily influenced the world of medicine. Many ideas formulated by medical research departments find their way into our day-to-day practice.

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Code Buster full

Break the code – not your firm

Private medical insurance work in private practice is big business, so let Code Buster! keep you in the know Every month, the Clinical Coding and Schedule Development Group (CCSD) reviews its 2,000-plus procedure codes, and more than 3,000-plus diagnostic codes, that form the basis of private medical insurance. It is crucial for independent practitioners and […]

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