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    Health insurance policies and insurers’ rules can seem confusing to the uninitiated, especially consultants new to private practice. So, this ...

Sue Smith

Boost for doctors’ voice

By Robin Stride The Independent Doctors Fed­eration (IDF) has announced ambitious New Year plans to beef up services to members and become a stronger voice in 2017. It has revealed plans to better represent independent practitioners by taking a more proactive approach and relationship with the many stakeholders, such as insurers, who influence private medical […]

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Medical apps

The application of science

Which Apps are you using to make your life easier? Jane Braithwaite (right) presents her choice of the top ten apps for doctors.     We have been investigating medical apps and our findings have been somewhat mixed. The majority that we checked out, including Medscape and Med­pulse, are very US-centric. Apps provided by large […]

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Code Buster full

Take the enigma out of coding

Private medical insurance work in private practice is big business, so let Code Buster! keep you in the know. Every month, the Clinical Coding and Schedule Development Group (CCSD) reviews its 2,000-plus procedure codes, and more than 3,000-plus diagnostic codes, that form the basis of private medical insurance. It is crucial for independent practitioners and […]

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The quick and deadly

TV doctor and full-time writer Dr Michael O’Donnell continues with more from his new book, Medicine’s Strangest Cases. This month, he relates the case of the Surgical Triple Whammy, London 1840. Before the coming of anaesthetics, patients, heavily dosed with rum or opium, had to be held down or strapped to the operating table. Hence […]

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security concept: digitally generated laptop on a wooden table with virus alert. Screen graphics are made up.

Don’t get infected

It’s a virus… in fact, there’s a lot of them about. Caroline Corrigan advises on what to do if you are attacked. If you haven’t ever downloaded a virus by mistake, then you’re one of the lucky people. Unlike those lucky few, most of us at one time or another have had the inconvenience of […]

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Practising privileges: rules spelt out

Leslie Berry looks at the advice given to independent practitioners on their new working relationships with private hospitals. Private hospitals have been told by their trade body they have a duty to ensure fees and charges are clear to users of their services. And they have been instructed  that the competition watchdog’s rules on transparency […]

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Caught in a tug of love

‘Business Dilemmas’ Independent Practitioner Today readers’ defence questions are answered here by Dr Nicola Lennard (right).     Dilemma 1 Do I share child’s info with father? Q I have been seeing a nine-year-old child in the presence of her mother for the investigation of possible absence seizures. The father has written requesting information about […]

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Man Having Chemotherapy With Nurse Using Digital Tablet

Give patients a nice ambience

      To be successful, PPUs have to deliver the ‘Best of Both‘ promise, says Philip Housden. They have to convince consultants that their patients’ experience will match expectations of what they should expect from privately-funded care and give the peace of mind that comes from having the whole NHS there as back-up. Last […]

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africa mercy

Missions of mercy

Dr Stephen Alcorn, an Edinburgh-based anaesthetist who volunteered on the world’s largest civilian floating hospital, tells of his experience. The ship, which docks in some of the most underdeveloped countries in the world, provides vital medical care to the world’s forgotten poor. It is a 16,000-tonne state-of-the-art vessel called the Africa Mercy and is run […]

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Make tax savings before they expire

It’s time to get in shape before the end of the tax year. Ian Tongue shows what you need to consider. With the tax year end of 5 April ever closer, it is important that you maximise tax-free allowances and are best based placed moving into the next tax year. Frequently, tax allowances are per […]

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Doctor small

Employing doctors

New legal pitfalls are lining up for doctor entrepreneurs. Jamie Foster and Helen Baxter continue Independent Practitioner Today’s new series with advice about using doctors to provide services for your business. So you have a good idea for a new healthcare business and have gone so far as to develop a business plan and test […]

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