March of the 'NIPS'

Record growth in 'New Independent Practitioners' is set to stiffen competition

Competition among consultants is set to intensify as thousands of new entrants into private practice build up their businesses. Click here to read what the latest statistics reveal about the changing face of independent practice

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Mark of a good leader

The ability to manage resources and staff underpins effective management in private practice, but good leadership qualities are more elusive. See what they are and how to achieve them by clicking here


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Picking a winner

The investment strategy most likely to allow you to achieve your goals is to have a well-developed and written investment plan, and stick to it ignoring all the forecasts and market noise. Click here to understand why



Taking on rooms smallTaking on rooms

Our resident medical accountant looks at some of the key considerations if you are thinking of taking on premises.

Click here to find out what they are



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Selling your practice?

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Profits Focus, our rolling series of articles and statistics on each specialty, is regarded as the performance benchmark in private practice. Read them here  

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