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    Sum is greater than the parts

    The well-known saying ‘no man is an island’ is particularly true for anyone working in private practice, as it is ...


Overseas work dilemma

By Robin Stride. Independent practitioners are being cautious about chasing more overseas business following a fall in the number of acute patients coming to central London from abroad. New figures for the area show the self-pay market dipped 15% between 2014-15 – a drop in value from £261m to £222m.

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What you can claim against tax

Recording and claiming expenses is an essential part of ensuring you minimise your tax liability. But it can be an area of contention and often there can be misunderstandings – leading to expenses being claimed erroneously and then a tax inquiry. Ian Tongue looks at the most common areas of contention and recaps on the […]

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Breathing life into a dead art

TV doctor and full-time writer Dr Michael O’Donnell brings the last taster from his new book, Medicine’s Strangest Cases. This month, he looks back at doctors’ obituaries. One charming medical tradition is the civility with which doctors deal with one another in public. Offstage, they can be as bitchy as those who practise the other […]

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What you can tell relatives

In her second article about the GMC’s new confidentiality guidance, the MDU’s Dr Catherine Wills focuses on disclosures to a patient’s family and carers. Those close to a patient may play a significant role in providing support and care and naturally may want to discuss their loved one’s health with you. Although you need to […]

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Beware of new tax on property

A tax rule means doctors who go abroad and let out or sell their UK house are in for a nasty surprise. Melanie Thomas explains. Doctors who are living overseas and who sell a home in the UK should beware of being caught out by changes to the capital gains tax rules. The changes, which […]

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Emotion sickness

We are all prone to making mistakes when investing, not because we are foolish, but because we are human. Dr Benjamin Holdsworth shows how to adopt a disciplined approach. ‘If I have learned anything in my 52 years in this marvellous field, it is that, for a given individual or institution, the emotions of investing […]

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A lexicon of a well-run PPU

    In Independent Practitioner Today’s series over the last year, Philip Housden has considered the challenges faced by NHS private patient units (PPUs). He has offered insights through the annual cycle to help PPUs make the most of the many opportunities the market presents – and deliver increasingly improved services for private patients and […]

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Good pace – but not a sports car

Any independent practitioner wanting a premium SUV to suit themselves and to serve their family will not be disappointed with Jaguar’s latest offering, says our motoring correspondent Dr Tony Rimmer. As car-buyers, we have never had it so good. There has never before been such a wide spread of choice across all types and classes […]

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Keep taking these tablets

The ten commandments for billing and collection Make sure the people you rely on in your practice are following these essential rules to keep your payments coming in. Gary Nials lays down the law.

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Keep taxman sweet

Q Can you advise the best ways to keep on the right side of the taxman? Accountant Susan Hutter gives some useful pointers: Don’t send your tax return in late If you send in your tax return late, you not only will have to pay a penalty of £100 but will bring your case to […]

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Don’t forget payday

How much you expect to receive for a specific piece of work or service depends on negotiation between you and those who are paying. Ensuring you get the cheque is another matter, says Michael R. Young. Your terms of business should always make it clear to solicitors when you expect to be paid. The majority […]

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