Surgeons: 'Stop the stitch-ups'

Many independent practitioners will face intensified verbal grilling from both patients and the press following the launch of a campaign to get the public to probe the true value of new product claims and procedures.

Find out how surgeons are trying to get people to look behind the bluster of marketing claims for new beauty treatments by clicking here.

For Sale front  Is selling a practice devoid of goodwill?

Two specialist medical accountants delve deep into the historical records to argue that the taxman has to recognise the sale of medical practice goodwill by consultants. Click here to read their findings


Attracting patients smallPulling in the patients

Get positive! Catherine Harriss believes many private doctors could do more to be a magnet to patients. Last month, she outlined the growing potential to attract people online and by smartphone.

This month, she gives more advice to get yourself known. Click here to read it


Rolls Royce smallCharging affairs at the embassy

If you are thinking of expanding your private work to provide services for embassies, then there are some essential billing and collection matters you need to be aware of. Click here to find out what our resident billing expert advises



CQC Healthcare Conference Jan 2015



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Claremont Clinic web frontOutpatient clinic opens in London

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PF for web4Profits Focus, our rolling series of articles and statistics on each specialty, is regarded as the performance benchmark in private practice. Read them here